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SKT Security was founded on September 2007 under the former company name of TSK Security

With the joint corporation of the two top security companies from Taiwan (Shin Kong Security) and Japan (ALSOK) and local Thai shareholders. The initial investment of 100 million Baht from the joint investment from SKS, and Thai Investors.

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Company History

Shin Konh Security (SKS Security)

From our roots of one of the top security companies in Taiwan, SKT Security has been striving to promote the all-in-one security service in Thailand for over the past decade. Through the progress of vast changes of the Thai society in the recent years.

along with integrations of solid experience and competency among partners to provide greater value, exceed customer satisfaction and achieve the market leadership in every segment of the Thai market.

“To be the innovative leader in providing reliable all-in-one integrated security solution with superior quality to ensure the peace and safety of the society”  

from over 40 years of experience

This makes customers highly believe in the products and services of the company. There are more than 100,000 users from worldwide.


There are affiliated companies under Shin Kong Security Business Group as follows:


???? Security Shin Kong (Thai) International Co.,Ltd. (3 branch in Thailand)

???? Hundure Technology Co.,Ltd.

???? Shin Kong Security (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.

???? Shin Soft Co.,Ltd.

???? Thai-Po Service Technology Co.,Ltd.

???? New Light International Co.,Ltd.

???? E Tech Pro Ltd.

???? Shin-Pro Life Care Co.,Ltd.

???? Shin Kong Optical Networking Co.,Ltd.

???? Shincluster Electronic Co.,Ltd.

???? Shin Kong Communications Co.,Ltd.

???? Shin-Po Express Co.,Ltd.

???? Taiwan Security Co.,Ltd.

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