Automated External Defibrillator, AED

AED is an automatic defibrillator. Use defibrillation in cases where the patient has a sudden cardiac arrest. By using electrical shock to the heart Along with CPR to make the heart stop beating back again

“SKT provides some of the popular AED services in hospitals. And leading companies across the country by providing 2 types of services: selling and renting”

AED Rental Service

AED Rental Service SKT will be in charge of ensuring that the AED is always available. Including sending staff to change devices When the time is set At no additional cost And install a cabinet for storing the AED with alarm When the door is opened.

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Provides a free

AED training service

SKT provides a free AED training service when purchasing or using a rental service. By sending staff who have been trained to use specific training to reach the specified location as well.

The Zoll AED Plus supports

Thai / English

The Zoll AED Plus supports Thai / English Voice Prompts. There are lights and pictures showing the steps to perform. Including Zoll’s proprietary Real-Time CPR Help Evaluation System that informs CPR assistants whether they have performed CPR in accordance with the standard or not.

Why use an AED
from SKT Security ?

Recognized by leading hospitals around the world And meet the standards according to the rules of the US Food and Drug Administration. with strict consumer protection laws

✔ Support Thai and English

✔ The machine has easy-to-understand symbols.

✔ There is a system to help guide you in performing CPR.

✔ Product warranty for 5 years

✔ Conductive plates and batteries last more than 5 years.

✔ If the software has a problem, change the device immediately.

✔ There is a monthly rental

✔ Free maintenance of the machine throughout the contract by skilled technicians

*Accepted by leading hospitals such as Chula Hospital, Ramathibodi Hospital, Siriraj Hospital, Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Group (Samitivej, Phayathai, Paolo)

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AED PLUS 1 unit consists of

  1. AED PULS 1 Unit
  2. D-Padz CPR with Gloves, Barrier Mask
  3. Scissors, razor and cleaning cloth 1 set
  4. shoulder bags 1 Set
  5. Battery Type 123 Lithium Batteries 1 set
Free consultation and site survey