Fire Alarm System There are both Multiplex System and Presignal Non-Code System. It serves to notify people in the building quickly before the fire spreads. until it is dangerous to life and property Fire Alarm System All equipment operates in accordance with the requirements of the fire alarm system standard. and received the production standard ISO 9001

It is a system intended for fire alarms. by using various detection devices which is connected to the work control cabinet to order the device to sound an alarm to alert people in that area to evacuate quickly and safely commonly used in office buildings or factory industry which must be designed Install a fire alarm system to be appropriate to the nature of the building factories in each category

Check the fire extinguishing system.

✔ Check the readiness of the system at regular intervals.

✔ Provides an inspection report with the identification of problematic equipment.

✔ Fix, repair or replace defective equipment to keep the system working perfectly in the event of a fire.

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Design of fire suppression systems

Design of fire suppression systems as appropriate for the area, the type of fire extinguishing system used There are many leading brands such as Notifier , Hochiki , Nohmi

✔ Focusing on quality

✔ Standards of equipment for long term durability.