SKT Security recruits personnel to work in security. which has passed a background check from the Royal Thai Police which must not be a person with a history of illegal acts or any previous crimes

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Why have a security guard?

Security is an important and demanding job in the market to reduce risks. that may happen to life And assets in doing business, various businesses make it necessary to use security guard services, along with technology, along with providing services. to reduce the problem of anti-crime in the country Create safety for businesses and households and contributing to economic growth with sustainable safety secure.

Why SKT Security?

We have standards for auditing company performance. Security guards with patrols and the head of the patrol to monitor and control the work and report the results to the central When there is an event that requires corrective action and adjust according to the situation and also coordinate with local police when incidents occur in order to be as safe as possible

Equipment used in operation

✔ Boots/Raincoat
✔ flashlight battery flashlight bulb
✔ Radio communication (4 security guards or more)
✔ traffic line, traffic shirt
✔ Report books (according to the conditions of employment)
✔ Other devices that are required for specific tasks, such as clocks mobile radio
(The picture is a device that is used in the actual work. according to customer requirements)

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