Businesses are at high risk in terms of safety. because of the risk area goods or machinery Including the number of SKT employees, we have a complete security system installation service. By considering the safety principle without affecting the budget too much It also guarantees service and installation work. To give customers peace of mind in our service, SKT products are imported and distributed with experience and expertise. Therefore, we have a continuous increase of customers.

Electronic Security System(ESS)

New security service that mix between “Electronic alarm system” and 24-hour surveillance officers in case of emergency A team of officers will act to stop the incident at the scene of the accident. along with coordinating with relevant government officials such as police officers fireman or emergency vehicle and notify the caregivers immediately

Service Features

– SKT Control Center 24hr.
– 24 hour service area patrol officer
– Can prevent damage that may occur at all times 24 hours at any place/any type of business
– Comprehensive security It can be connected to a fire alarm system, door access control system, CCTV system. for maximum safety for life and property of the employer

ระบบรักษาความปลอดภัย ESS
Officer’s workflow
  • Install alarm devices in target locations.

  • The user opens the security system.

  • The control center sends patrol officers to investigate the incident. When an abnormal alarm signal is received.

  • Police / Fire / Fire Coordination Control Center / to look out for the inciden notify the employer.

Automated External Defibrillator, AED

AED is an automatic defibrillator. Use defibrillation in cases where the patient has a sudden cardiac arrest. By using electrical shock to the heart Along with CPR to make the heart stop beating back again

“SKT provides some of the popular AED services in hospitals. And leading companies across the country by providing 2 types of services: selling and renting”

AED Rental Service

AED Rental Service SKT will be in charge of ensuring that the AED is always available. Including sending staff to change devices When the time is set At no additional cost And install a cabinet for storing the AED with alarm When the door is opened.

Provides a free

AED training service

SKT provides a free AED training service when purchasing or using a rental service. By sending staff who have been trained to use specific training to reach the specified location as well.

The Zoll AED Plus supports

Thai / English

The Zoll AED Plus supports Thai / English Voice Prompts. There are lights and pictures showing the steps to perform. Including Zoll’s proprietary Real-Time CPR Help Evaluation System that informs CPR assistants whether they have performed CPR in accordance with the standard or not.

Serveillance System

Currently, CCTV is a very popular basic device. Both in the business sector and in residential areas Because it is a device that helps both in the protection of assets. Reducing the severity of events that may occur at any time It also captures images and records videos. Useful in identifying the offender Or used as evidence to assist in solving various cases as well

SKT distributes and provides installation services for both analog and network (IP) surveillance cameras according to the needs and suitability of the site. Ready to help take care of managing to meet the customer’s budget

SKT selects products that have been certified according to the specified standards such as Panasonic, Hisharp, HIKvision, Dahou, users can choose to suit their budget.

“Users can choose to use the service as an outright purchase or rental service for use by staff consulting specialists”

Security Guard

Security is an important and demanding job in the market to reduce risks. that may happen to life and assets in doing business, various businesses make it necessary to use the services of security guards, coupled with technology, along with providing services. to reduce the problem of anti-crime in the country Create safety for businesses and households and contributing to economic growth with sustainable safety secure

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Smart Security Solutions

Automatic access control system It is designed to be used to determine the right to access. To relevant internal personnel And prevent misfortunes that may be caused by outsiders There is a system management that can be effectively set time. That allowed to pass in and out Each door can be set independently and assigned independently, including standalone systems for individual entrances or small buildings, and a network system that can be used to control all entrances.

SKT selects products that have been certified according to the specified standards, such as brands Hundure, ZKTeco, HIP, Dahou, users can choose to use according to their budget.


Automatic car barrier It is a device designed to be used for access control. In solving problems that are ideal for traffic control or the movement of vehicles in private car parks, public car parks even when the traffic is heavy, it can be used as a barrier gate. Or can be automatically downed Barrier Gate, Car Park System.