Privacy Policy


Basic Customer Confidential Information Policy

Basic Concept

Security Shin Kong (Thai) International Co., Ltd. is committed to protecting the lives and assets of our customers. and to achieve that objective The company is obliged to keep the confidential information of the customers. The company attaches great importance to keeping confidential customer information. Because if the customer’s confidential information is leaked, it may affect the customer’s security.

Compliance with customer confidentiality regulations

The Company will not use the customer’s confidential information for purposes other than the Company’s purposes. in order not to leak information The company has measures to deal with the misuse of information. The company will keep the confidential information of customers as well. and will urge all employees to keep confidential information strictly

Some information that the company does not receive from customers directly. by receiving from other channels or in any case The Company will store and maintain such confidential information. according to the guidelines above and to prevent the loss of confidential customer information The company has set up measures to deal with such incidents. which if the measures need to be improved The company will improve as quickly as possible.

Purpose of using confidential customer information

Confidential information obtained by filling out forms, questionnaires, etc. will be used as follows:

  • To know the information of customers in providing security services
  • Used to deliver documents
  • Used to deliver documents related to various contracts.
  • Used to deliver product recommendations and greeting documents
  • Used to deliver rewards in various activities.
  • To meet the needs of customers and record such information


For public relations of products and services Security Shin Kong (Thai) International Co., Ltd.

Notice of purpose of use, disclosure, rectification, deletion and suspension of use, etc.

Security Shin Kong (Thai) International Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. is committed to keeping the confidentiality of the customers as accurate and complete as possible. When the customer wants to inquire about the purpose of using the information or ask what information the company has The company will first confirm that the person making the request is the real owner of the information. and if there are no special conditions The company will disclose confidential information in accordance with the company regulations. In the event that the customer’s information is incorrect And the customer wishes to correct, add or remove or even suspend the use of data, delete data or prohibit the transmission of information to third parties, the company will investigate according to the law. and the company’s regulations in dealing with that information

Changes to Privacy Policy

Security Shin Kong (Thai) International Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change the Privacy policy as appropriate.

Transferring confidential information to a third party

  • Get prior permission from the customer
  • Upon request for disclosure from a public body in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • For the safety of life and property of any person And obtaining permission from customers is difficult.
  • When public organizations require cooperation in accordance with legal regulations and get permission from customers And the situation has the potential to cause damage to public organizations.

Responding to Customer Confidential Questions

If the customer has questions or finds the use of information improperly. You can contact via the channels below.

Customer Service Security Shin Kong (Thai) International Co., Ltd.

Call 02-7201173 (24 Hours)